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304 cold rolling gap so big hot opportunity came

Date:2016-08-30 Hits:

Is the Opportunity of 304 Hot-Rolled Stainless Steel Coming?

This week, prices of the 304 hot-rolled stainless steel continuouly decrease for several days. Hot rolled wide edition mainstream flash basethe in foshan market is   11200-11400 yuan / ton , in contrast , affected by resource overall demand, the 304 cold-rolled stainless steel deals the lowest price in 12500-12600 yuan / ton , with the price gap spread for 1100-1200 yuan / ton between the hot and cold one. So, the chance of rolling mill is coming? Should hot-rolling sourcing get busy at the moment ?

But instead, the deal of hot-rolled stainless steel has not improved according to merchants’ feedback. Why ?

The author has analyzed : downstream from purchase hot rolled billet rolling factory by traders to sell to the finished product, it takes time to process, in this period of time, if the price of 304 cold rolling collective fall, then the finished products have not into the hands of traders. As for the market traders, they are already at a loss, so they also dare not to order easily.

In conclusion, mainly because of fragile bearing capacity of the price of 304 cold rolling, at any time will be diving, then 304 hot rolling downstream rolling plant dare not to purchase large quantities.

But the current 304 hot and cold rolling price gap is a benefit for the full load roll-changing enterprises.