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Corporate culture

Now need not talent, but the mechanism of talent. The manager's responsibility is to create innovative space for each employee through constructing "racing" mechanism, and make each employee be an independent SBU.

Horse racing mechanism to be specific, contains three principles: first, fair competition , meritocracy ; second , leting everybody fully display his talents; third, rational flow of dynamic management. On the recruitment system, we implement a dynamic conversion mechanism of “good staff , qualified staff , trial staff " three standards.

On the system of cadres, as saint Laurent set middle-level cadre assessment of classification, each cadre's position is not fixed under the expiration of the rotation. The core of human resources development and management of Saint Laurent is giving full play to each person's potential ability, making everyone feel the market competition pressure every day from the enterprise inside , and can convert pressure into competitive power, which is the secret of enterprises’ success in sustainable development.